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Checklist for Trademark Application – Partnership

Checklist for Trademark Application - Partnership

Details/Documents required for applying trademark for Partnership firm:


  • The name, address and nationality of all the partners.


  • A list of goods and services for which registration is required.


  • Soft copy of the trademark to be registered.


  • Power of attorney required , if  trademark  has been used earlier.


  • Cost for applying trademark application will be :


  • Form TM-A- 5000


                                   TRADEMARK QUESTIONNAIRE

( Please fill in the following table and email us)


S.No. Particulars Details
1. Applicant Name

(Pvt. Ltd./Public Ltd./Partnership Firm/Proprietorship Firm/Trust/Individual)

2. Address of the Applicant  
3. Type of Organisation

(Pvt. Ltd./Public Ltd./Partnership Firm/Proprietorship Firm/Trust/Individual)

4. Full name of the Signatory

(On behalf of company/firm/trust)

5. Designation of Signatory  
6. Nationality of Signatory  
7. Father’s / husband’s name of Signatory  
8. Residence address of signatory  
9. Age of signatory  
10. Mark/brand name  
11. Goods / services (exact)  
12. Trade description

(Manufacturer/Traders, Service Providers)

13. User Date of the Brand/Mark  
14. Class of Trade Mark. Kindly refer to class details- there are 45 classes of trade mark.  
15. Contact No.  
16. Email id