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Checklist for Trade Marks Applications

Checklist for Trade Marks Applications

Name of the Trademark : ———————————————————-

Name of the Applicant
1. [The person who will be authorized to
sign the application and also to file it
with the Registrar of Trade Marks]

Name of the Owner
2. [The party under whose name the
proposed trademark is to be registered]

3. Registered Office Address/ Residential
   Address of Owner (if owner is

Principle Place of Business in India
[If the registered office address/
residential address as per the details
mention in point no. 3 is outside India] and
4. [The Owner shall state the address of his
principal place of business in India and
all such places where the business in the
goods or services concerned at more
than one place in India, if any]

Communication Address in India (Is it
 5. same as Principal Address, if not, then
please provide the full address)

Proposed to be used / Used Since
6. [The date from which the mark is in use
for the concerned goods/ services in
India and also, provide the details if the
same is in use outside India]

Detailed Description of Goods / Services
7. [Detailed description /specification for
the goods /services for which the
proposed application is to be made]

Whether colour combination is to be
                 claimed? (Yes/No)
[If the proposed mark is registered in
the specific colour combination, then, it
will create a limitation to that specific
8. colour and could be protected into that
specific colour combination. But, if the
mark is registered without any
limitation of colour, i.e. in Black &
White, it would be protected in all the